Remote Working Survey

Recent data tells us that approximately 68% of Irish employees are working completely remotely since the outbreak of COVID-19, with approximately 24% working a mix of remote and onsite working.  

According to Ireland's National Survey Phase II Report conducted by the Whittaker Institute (October 2020), the vast majority of Irish people want to work remotely after the crisis, with only 6% of those surveyed indicating that they do not want to work remotely after the crisis is over. 

So is it time you carried out a remote working survey, and what might you achieve by doing so?

Data gathered through our survey process will allow you to gauge sentiment across your business, and understand what staff and management are seeking in the new working environment.

How will we do this?

We are mindful that day to day operations need to continue without great interruption. To ensure minimal impact on productivity and business of the day, we have designed a user friendly survey and audit process which will allow us to gather important data quickly and effectively. 

Rooted in 8 Pillars of Success, staff and management will tell us where your organisation sits against best practice and potential for high productivity and engagement, with consideration paid to remote, hybrid and/or office based working environments. 

Survey data will be compiled offsite by us into a robust, bespoke report identifying opportunities and challenges as they exist in your business today.

How will this help your business?

Through our key findings, we will also recommend a range of measures to not only support improved practices, but also build on the great practices you already have in place.

Contact us today for an obligation-free discussion on how we might help your business