Recent data tells us that approximately 68% of Irish employees are working completely remotely since the outbreak of COVID-19, with approximately 24% working a mix of remote and onsite working.  According to recent surveys and what we are seeing on the ground, the vast majority of workers want to continue to work remotely moving forward. 

As a result, companies across Ireland are now facing the reality of loss of talent, disengagement, and impact on productivity as we enter "the Great Attrition".

Through our bespoke survey, policy and process design, we can capture staff and management sentiment, and reflect practices in policies and processes to support the "new way of doing business".

We are mindful that day to day operations need to continue without great interruption. To ensure minimal impact on productivity and business of the day, we have designed user friendly survey and audit processes which will allow us to gather important data quickly and effectively. You can expect turnaround time for policy writing and process support to be quick and high quality. 

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