Should you find yourself in a tricky situation, your first line of defence at the WRC will often be your policies and procedures. 

These are usually contained in your Employee Handbook, and to rely on these, you will need to ensure your staff not only receive a full overview on a compliant and up to date Employee Handbook on appointment in their new role, but training and refresher on all policies and procedures at least once per year on an ongoing basis. 

If you have any concerns that your Employee Handbook does not contain the statutory and/or useful operational policies and procedures, or that it is not genuinely used as the go-to by Management and staff in day to day people matters, it may be time for a refresh. 

Employee Handbooks are, what they say, a "live" document. This means that the Handbook should be updated when processes change, where a change of employment law dictates an update to a policy, or where the business requires new policies or procedures to clarify certain matters. 

At HR Support Ireland, we can conduct internal reviews of your Employee Handbook or individual policies and procedures against best practice and employment law, or provide new and bespoke Employee Handbooks or individual policies for clients looking to "start from scratch". 

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