Our Career Coaching packages (all starting from 2 X 1h session package) include:

1) Change of Employment Career Coaching Package: This is typically offered as part of a career transition, i.e: either in preparation of a promotion or interview, or as part of a redundancy package - assisting Employees with their onward career journey. This package includes (minimum 2 X 1 hr) session plus resume writing.

2) Employee Career Coaching Package:  This is typically offered when employees are not achieving their career goals, and seek to identify "blockers" to achieving objectives - identifying key strengths and skills, and how to use these to the fullest extent to create a realistic action plan. 

3) Executive Career Coaching Package: This is typically offered either when Management feel they are not achieving their career goals, or where a strategic leadership action plan is required to address issues that may exist in their team or work environment. Through a solution-oriented approach, career support includes an assessment of current work environment - consideration of leadership models and those which best apply, and strategic action plan

4) The Career Mums Coaching Package: We offer a bespoke package for Mums seeking support and guidance throughout their career journey, and in particular for those seeking either a promotion or change in employment, or those returning to the workplace after a period of parental or maternity leave.

Through our coaching programmes, "Coachees" are held accountable to take action, and while we can provide the tools and resources necessary, we would fully expect those attending coaching to carry through with the agreed action plan. As such, participants should be prepared to get the most out of coaching sessions by setting aside time devoted to practicing the techniques we share, or reflecting on the points of discussion.

Contact us to discuss our coaching package options, and how we can assist you or your business today.